Crime Stoppers

Miami-Dade & The Florida Keys

Closes June 26, 2023

Resume and Quote for Services are due before 5:00 P.M. on JuNe 26, 2023

Return your company submission via email to: [email protected]

The following is an overview of the job description for a virtual Grant Manager. It is not all-inclusive and is subject to amendment as needed to accomplish the mission of the organization. This position is a contracted (non-employee) vendor position

Grant Manager Independent Contractor Opportunity

Responsibility and Skills

  • Have an understanding of reading and responding to a grant proposal
  • Will submit grant proposal with assistance from the Executive Director or others
  • Have a solid understanding of mathematics and can maintain proper accounting of grant-related figures and statistics
  • Have the ability to comprehend and understand complex contracts and follow deliverables/forms derived from the contract without deviating from the contract terms
  • Have problem resolution skills and the ability to work with contract managers
  • Ability to work under pressure and turn in paperwork on time without consequences to the organization
  • Ensure all invoices are reviewed for grant compliance
  • Assist with and help maintain an annual perpetual budget of grant expenditures
  • Coordinate with Administrative Coordinator to ensure required grant reports and attachments are available in a timely matter
  • Prepare monthly grant reporting with assistance as needed from Executive Director, or Administrative Coordinator.
  • Apprise Executive Director weekly of all outstanding grant-related items and their due dates.
  • Provide to the Executive Director regular updates on all deliverables and their status
  • Work with the Administrative Coordinator to ensure all services or purchases comply with grant terms; understand which requires bids before expenditure; notify the Executive Director of any issues
  • As needed, support the Executive Director with fulfilling grant-related requests and other reporting


  • Has multiple years of experience in working with Florida attorney General managed grants, Crime Stoppers experience preferred
  • Must be willing to submit to an FDLE background check
  • This is a Non-employee Virtual Services position with all services being provided remotely
  • Cost for services will be required in the quote for services
  • Employment is contingent on Grant Contract Funding