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Quote for Services are due before 5:00 P.M. on JuNe 30, 2023

Return your company submission via email to:

The following is an overview of the job description for a virtual Grant Manager. It is not all-inclusive and is subject to amendment as needed to accomplish the mission of the organization. This position is a contracted (non-employee) vendor position

CPA Limited Services

Crime Stoppers in Miami is in process of soliciting proposals for the upcoming fiscal year.


Please find herein a request for a cost quote for services from Crime Stoppers of Miami Dade County and The Florida Keys. We are currently looking for a Certified Public Accountant for our general accounting services. This quote will be due prior to July 1, 2023.


Because of the nature of our organization's business the following services and requirements are needed to be quoted:



 Needs to understand non-profit day-to-day financial management and issues.

  1.  Must be available on an "on-call" basis to  Crime Stoppers staff throughout the month.

  2.  Must download multiple financials and review bank accounts.

  3.  Must review payroll information and monthly figures.

  4.  Needs to review monthly postings and report any issues to the Executive Director and in some instances, the  Treasurer of the organization.

  5.  Must create a monthly report for the Board of Directors.



  1.  Needs to prepare the 990s.

  2.  Needs to file quarterly business returns and other non-profit business forms as indicated.

  3.  Needs the ability to train Crime Stopper staff onsite in an office environment as necessary.



  1. All work must be done by a licensed CPA

  2. Must know how to track reimbursable grants, in particular, those grants coming under of Florida Office of Attorney General management.

  3. Must be able to affirm that they have five years of experience with Crime Stoppers Trust Fund accounting or similar.

  4. Must be knowledgeable in QuickBooks installation and QB education.

  5. All ongoing services must be under a Confidentiality Agreement.


If you can fulfill these services and would like to email a written quote,  please quote the Monthly Services as a package per month; the cost of the 990, and the other miscellaneous services as another item. Please use as your recipient email for your quote.


Please include information on your firm's experience as it applies to non-profits and accounting for state programs, Crime Stoppers Trust Fund, in particular. We will review the responses on July 14, 2022. The contract period will run from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023.


  • Has multiple years of experience in working with Florida attorney General managed grants, Crime Stoppers experience preferred

  • Must be willing to submit to an FDLE background check

  • This is a Non-employee Virtual Services position with all services being provided remotely

  • Cost for services will be required in the quote for services

  • Contract is contingent on Grant Contract Funding

Sunrise over Biscayne Bay, Florida
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