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Submit a Tip by Phone

Call Crime Stoppers by dialing 

1 866 471-Tips or 1 800 346-8477

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Submit a Tip by App

Go to your favorite App store and download the P3  App. Find your South Florida location and 

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Your tip may be important in helping solve this case. Alana, a 16-month-old boy, and two adults were shot in a drive by shooting as they exited a car. The others are healing in a hospital, but, 7-year-old Alana did not survive her injury. 

Our Guidelines for Reward Payouts

  • The tipster’s identity must remain anonymous and unknown to the organization and law enforcement.
  • The tip must be made through the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line 305 471-8477, P3Tips phone app, or via mobile website:  
  • The tip must lead to an arrest of the individual(s) involved.
  • Reward value may vary due to degree of assistance tip gives in resolving a case. A case may require multiple tips to make an arrest.
  • The tipster MUST have the tip number and code given by the operator or web form to be eligible for the reward.

Start the good. 

It isn’t enough to just wish away the bad,
You have to speak the good into existence.
Because if no one starts, nothing will change.

Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade and The Florida Keys is a community-based organization which gives residents the opportunity to become involved in the fight against crime in Miami-Dade County and The Florida Keys. 

Our organization has three important partners who work together to make our communities a safer environment to live, work and play.  Through our programs, our partners who represent our South Florida citizenry, law enforcement, and the media work together towards one goal -- reducing crime. All of us working together can solve crimes!  Start The Good.

Due to a strong commitment from our community partners and our ability to focus our resources on the people who commit the crime in our neighborhoods, our partnerships are consistently able to report a positive impact on our region. Our callers (tipsters) from our communities are central to our successes. 

A single tip matters.  Start The Good. 

The Rules: All reward eligible tips must come into the Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade and The Florida Keys program. Crime Stoppers will forward the information to the proper police agency. All tipsters have to be anonymous to both Crime Stoppers and law enforcement staff. Information received post arrest is not eligible for a reward.